*(MOAR) Updates*

2012-09-03 15:02:52 by HealthHazard

WAZZUP MAH TOASTIES! So you are probably wondering if I am dead, well I am not. I am hard at work on Amol's Adventure but I also was working on a special treat for you guys, that is why it is taking so long. I am planning to release it when I get ten fans (which could or could not happen soon). I know that isnt really much of a goal as it is motivation. We have ALOT of stuff that I am adding into AA that wasnt planned and keep in mind that this is one of my first flash projects. I am putting everone (me, myself, and I) Into overdrive for release. Expect it to be out in 1-2 weeks. It may have MOAR than 6 endings, which, in and of itself is already alot. If you are getting queasy just thinking about it, then you can quench your thirst by going to Pure Gaming's youtube channel. (link in the bottom) KEEP UP THE ENTHUSIASM!

For those of you that follow me for my art skillz, I am also working on some anime to post and keep you happy.

Pure Gaming Youtube (My gaming group I lead) :http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePureXXgaming?fea ture=mhee


*UPDATE* Amols Adventure

2012-07-04 20:18:47 by HealthHazard

Hey guys! So we are about 70 frames into Amols Adventure and we still have a long way to go till finish. There will probably be more than 6 endings but oh well, that will be better!

On the discovery of the newgrounds banner maker, I wondered "why dont alot of people have avatars?" Well I found out why. They have so many restrictions for your avatar that its impossible to just go online and find one. Well the thing that got in my way was that they all had transparency. So i looked into this and found the holy grail of icon makers. Sherv.net. As i was making my avatar i thought "Man my quality is gonna be crappy" BUT IT WASNT!!! In fact, when it showed me the preview for my avatar, it said "This is your avatar. Its quality is deceased right now, But will change later" AND THE QUALITY WAS THAT OF A JPEG ON THE PREVIEW!! And when i uploaded it on to newgrounds, IT ACCEPTED IT!!! So, Just go to the link i am about to provide you with and use any picture!

P.S. When you choose what kind of icon to make, Choose AIM buddy icon. Or else it will be to big. If your like "UHHH ur such an idiot. Tis is New grounds not AIM you dipthong." Then SHUT UP!! Just do as i say. It will work.

Link: http://www.sherv.net/icon-maker/

I just found a life changing banner maker that is used to make my banner above. Its called bannerfans.com. Heres a link to theyre site. The link takes you straight to the maker and once your done just hit the download banner button on the bottom page. BUT!!! Remember to update the banner in progress button ON THE PAGE OR YOU WILL JUST UPLOAD THE DEFAULT BANNER

Link: http://www.bannerfans.com/banner_maker .php

Hope it helps

That picture down there

2010-09-25 09:21:03 by HealthHazard

Man i forgot to give my credit to one of my closest friends. I made the hard sketch in paint and my friend went in photoshop and cleaned it up. Also if you want me to make you a anime just send me a PM. Ill see what i can do.


2010-09-24 06:57:25 by HealthHazard

Welcome to my page. You can look at my art here soon I will have a flash game but not now.

Heres a new pic i made enjoy.


its fricken HOT!!!

2010-07-25 21:02:16 by HealthHazard